Tight Jeans

“Do these jeans make me look, you know, fat?” Melissa said, through squinted, teary eyes.
I stopped. “Me?” I pointed at myself the way a preoccupied kid in class does when the teacher calls on him.
“Well?” Melissa struggled to button the skinny jeans.
“I want to say no—”
“But you know it’s yes?” Melissa raised her coffee mug above her head and bent her knees, swinging it to burst beneath her bare feet.
“It’s not—”
“Going to throw it up in my face?” Melissa seethed. “Go on, tell me how fat I am.”
“I’m sorry,”—I spun around—“did I forget to bring a present?”
“For what? Think I need more cake? Oink. Oink?” Melissa cracked a sly grin.
“I didn’t know I’d walked into a pity party.”
“I’m glad you think this is so funny,” Melissa said, with her head buried in her hands.
I approached her with a bag. “Here.” I tossed it beside her.
“Giving me a hamburger?” Melissa lifted her head.
“Open it.” I motioned.
“These are jeans?”
“You tried on my jeans, genius.”
“Oink. Oink.”

(© 2022 AC)

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