Birthday Blues

“But this can’t be the end,” Gina said.
“Why?” I asked, resting my hands on my hips like I knew the answer before she told me.
“Because… I’m… I’m—”
“What, you’re dying?” I joked. “Don’t tell me; you’re dying.”
“Um… Yeah, that!” Gina said, waving her finger in the air as though she’d solved a puzzle. “I’m dying. Aren’t going to leave me now, are you?”
“You know what? You’re unbelievable,” I said.
Gina pressed something against my back, and electricity flooded my being, and I fell face-first to the ground. “You’re not leaving me.” Gina fucking tazed me. “You’re not going anywhere,” Gina said. I shifted my eyes from right to left, but moving my stiff limbs was a no-no.
“What are you going to do with me?” I said as she handcuffed my hands behind my back.
“If I have to keep you in a basement, I will. You’re not going anywhere.” Gina swooped to lift my deadweight body and throw me in the trunk of her car.
“Help me!” I said before she gagged me with a bandana. “You’ll never get away with this.”
“Watch me. It’s not like anyone is going to miss you,” Gina said. She clapped her hands then brushed the dust from her jeans. Next stop, my house. Gina slammed the trunk.
On the way to her house, I tried to think where this went wrong and why I had to open my big mouth. The pitch-black hung in the air, and the scent of fresh gasoline went without saying. It’s not like me to start a fight with Gina. But even this wasn’t like Gina. The Gina I know wouldn’t hurt anyone, much less kidnap me. My stomach flopped with every thud she hit, driving much faster than the speed limit. That’s it; I am dead. Whatever I did to piss her off was too much this time. Gina’s bipolar has finally gotten the best of her. I said several prayers and struggled in the handcuffs, but it was no use. I was almost resigned to whatever fate had dealt me. Gina hit the brakes, throwing my body forward. I hit my nose, and bright red blood trickled from my nose.
The engine went silent, and I heard Gina’s steps approach.
Gina popped the trunk. “Omg,” she said. “You’re bleeding… in my car. What, are you trying to leave DNA evidence here?”
“You can’t drive worth a damn; that’s what happened.”
“Why’d you bring me here?” I said as she uncuffed my hands, and I tried to rub the red rings around my wrists.
“Happy Birthday,” Gina said.
“You remembered,” I said.
“Your family and friends are waiting for us, so act surprised. Your sister came up to kidnap you. It’s the kidnap challenge. The person with the best, most realistic kidnapping wins.”
“Thank you; I didn’t mean to….”
“Are we still over?”
“No, I was just pissed you forgot my birthday.”

(© 2022 AC)

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