Camera Shy

“If this is what you think is honest—”
“I think you’d better go!” I looked down and away, pointing to the front door.
“Not going to forgive me, are you?” Megan said through tears.
“Give me a number.” I extended my arm, opening and closing my hand.
“A number?”
“How many times am I supposed to forgive and forget?”
“Would it change your mind if—”
“If what?” I folded my arms and blew out my lips.
“It wasn’t a guy this time?” Megan shrugged. “Yikes.”
I folded my lips under my teeth, holding a neutral glare. “And you expect me to believe it?”
“She’s here.”
I spun around. “Where?” I asked with an irritable glance.
Megan tapped her chest, giving me a sultry wink. “It’s me.”
“But,”—I motioned to the bedroom—“I heard two people in there last night.”
“What? Just say it.”
“I may or may not have recorded us having sex.”
“Do you mean you were—”
“Masturbating to our sex tape, yes. Yikes.” Megan smiled.
“Up for making a new one?”
“Am I ever.”

(© 2022 AC)

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