Righteous Murder

The Rainer Cemetery ash trees had shed their leaves, crunching golden-brown beneath the feet of the funeral attendees. The brisk September breeze hung over Leah’s father’s closed, polished casket. The shine of a weak autumn sun gave light but yielded no warmth. Somber faces paid respects, and the pastor offered words. Folks with joyless smiles glanced but made no eye contact. People in black suits and women in dark skirts with their deadpan stares and veils gave me a feeling. A feeling that the killer(s) lurked in the crowd. A feeling that the killer might just get away with murder. I hoped a deadpan stare was absent from my face. A sense that made me breathe easy.

(© 2022 AC)

(Erica Orloff edited this short story. All of my short stories on Kindle are professionally edited.)

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