Flirtatious Teacher

“But you’re my teacher,” Ryan said.

Ms. Stucky placed her finger to his lips. “Any kid would love to be with their high school science teacher. Well, a hot teacher like me.” She gave a half-smile, then pressed her warm lips to his. 

“You done this before?” Ryan raised a brow. 

“Let’s live in the moment, dude,” Ms. Stucky said. 

“What do you want with me?” Ms. Stucky was an attractive woman, too cute for me, Ryan thought.

“Don’t act like you don’t stare at me when I’m teaching,” Ms. Stucky said.

“Me?” Ryan said. “You must have me confused with someone else.”

Ms. Stucky wrapped her arms around Ryan’s shoulders.  “Come on, you know you want to,” Ms. Stucky said, taking a few steps back to unbutton her blouse. 

Is this happening? This is happening, Ryan thought.  “Ms. Stucky, there’s something you should know.”

“Don’t have a condom?” Ms. Stucking pulled a silver wrapper from her bra.

“No,” Ryan said. “I–“

“I what?” Ms. Stucky shrugged.

“I like dick.”

“Me, too! We have something in common.” Ms. Stucky threw her hand to her heart. “You’re making me feel like a school girl again.” She smiled.

“You don’t understand. I like to suck dick.”

Ms. Stucky crossed her arms. “Tell me more. My mouth is watering.”

“What I’m trying to say is–“

“Is?” Ms. Stucky motioned.

“I’m gay.”

“Excuse me?” 

“I like boys as in I have a boyfriend.”

“Who is he?” Ms. Stucky raised a brow.


“Johnathan, huh.”

He’s older. You wouldn’t know him.”

“Got a picture of him?”

Ryan shook off his backpack, unzipped, and shuffled through the pouches. “Hey, you go,” Ryan said, handing the picture to the hot teacher. 

“This can’t be right,” Ms. Stucky said with a rattled voice.

“Something wrong, Ms. Stucky?”

“The man…”


“Right. Seth.”

“What about him?”

“He helps after school at the Y.M.C.A., right?” Ms. Stucky locked her glassy eyes with his. 

“That’s where I met him,” Ryan said. “Ms., do you know Seth?”


“Spit it out, Ms. Stucky.” Ryan mocked. 

“He’s too old for you.”

“Wait a minute.” Ryan slapped his forehead. “You were just trying to sleep with me.”

“Fuck you. I was trying to fuck you,” Ms. Stucky said. “I didn’t intend on having a relationship.” 

“You never answered.”

“Answered what?”

“Do you know Seth?”

“Oh, that. He’s. He was my fiance and now he’s a fucking faggot,” Ms. Stucky said. “No offense.”

Ryan laughed hard. “I always knew you were a bigot.”

“I’m a registered Democrat and I give to the ACLU,” Ms. Stucky said. “Listen, let’s forget this whole thing ever happened.”

“Believe me, I will.”

“Not going to tell anyone, are ya?” Ms. Stucky arched a brow. 

“I don’t know. Can you keep my secret?” Ryan said.

Ms. Stucky waved her finger. “I’m teaching you well, aren’t I?”

Ryan winked, then closed the closet, and slipped through the double glass doors. 

(© 2021 AC)

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