Vivian Cradles Toxicity

A loose evergreen tie

Fixed with duct tape

Don’t duck with

A tint of a hint of Escape

On the creases of my neck

No white lie

Here’s why

She’s coming by.

Is bi

To tangle between

Satin bedsheets

With her hands, she strangles

The heck out of my throat

What’s next?

A candlelit chandelier

Red wine worth ten times

It’s time

To find

The one

In crime

For more than fun

Than a feeling

A villain


I’d worship at your altar

But you’re taller

So I’ll offer

My body

Your body


In bedsheets

For the season

Sin in September

And you’re under the weather

We can


We’re married

You’ll be screaming

While I’m feenin

You’ll pretend you’re leaving

I’ll memorize every moment

That silence



It’s late

Let’s date

We’ll be friends

Until the bitter end

(Wattpad, Amazon Kindle.)

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