Let’s Do Something We Might Regret

“Let’s do something,” Jackie said.

“Like?” I said.

“Something…anything we might later regret.”

“Woah, dude. Hold on. I’m still on probation for the time we broke into that church to have sex in.”

“Don’t be a Debbie-downer.”

“What are we talking — setting a house on fire kind of thing?”

Jackie stroked her chin and crinkled her eyes. “Even better.” She tapped my shoulder. “Come on.”

“I don’t think I’m going to like this.”

We slid into the car, passing stoplights and street signs. “Where exactly are you taking me?”

“Just trust me.”

“The last time I trusted you, I spent 10 days in jail.”

“We won’t get caught.” Jackie’s ocean blue eyes darted in my direction and then back to the road. “Aren’t scare, are you?”

I placed my hands directly in front of the vents, blasting heat. “Should I be?”

“If we get caught, yes.” Jackie raised a sly brow. “But we won’t.”

“We’ve been driving for half an hour and–“

“There.” Jackie pointed. “That’s where I wanted to take you.”

There was a candlelight dinner for two and a small band playing out favorite pop/punk music.

“I guess I don’t understand.”

Jackie placed the car in park and shifted her body in my direction. “Marry me,” Jackie said.

I looked either way. “Is this some kind of–“

“Just shut up and say you’ll marry me,” Jackie said, slicing the air with her hands.

I laughed hard. “Of course, I will marry you, dear.” I pulled out a ring. I’d intended on asking her anyway.

(Dusting off Dreams currently #12 in poem tag)

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