Take it Back

“Drive!” Dan said, glancing over his shoulder.
“What happened?” Tara shouted.
“Just go… I’ll explain everything later.”
Tara pressed the gas and gripped the steering wheel. “Mind telling me what this is all about?”
“I owe people some money, and–“
“No. I can’t believe this shit. Again?”
“It’s not like I didn’t–“
“No, after last time, I said this was it.”
“Just keep driving,” Dan said.
“What’d you do this time?”
“I may or may not have taken a ring without permission.”
“I’m leaning toward may have.”
“Always were a smart girl,” Dan said, searching through the back window. “You can slow down a little. I think we lost them.”
“What’d you need a ring for, dude?”
“I wanted to marry someone.”
“You’d better take the ring back, dude. I was going to leave you this morning.”


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