Three Wishes

What can I say? I said.
We’re alone. Kara said.
This time, I said. No one can see us.
We’re invisible.
Invidifuckingble, yup. That was my first wish, I said.
And your second wish is? Kara asked.
To make love in public.
Woah… that’s a little much even for you.
Don’t make me wish it.
No, save your wishes … for like feeding the hungry or ending the genocide in Yemen. Come on, think, man.
But I have three wishes, I said. Well, two now.
Okay, if I fuck you in public, you won’t have to wish it. Right?
What am I thinking, I said.
Thought you’d come to your senses. No pun intended.
Okay. My second wish is…
Wait! Kara said. Let’s think this through.
Ending child poverty? Sound good?
Kara’s far-leftist eyes welled, blinking back tears, making them fall faster. Yes, ending child poverty.
Fine. I closed my eyes and rubbed the crystal ball. My second wish is to end child poverty.
Look, Kara said, nudging my arm.
Oh, my God! I said. There’s food…everywhere. Children rushed into the street, eating hotdogs and hamburgers and fruit and … anything you can thing of eating… it was there.
Kara wrapped her arms around me, giving me several quick pecks on the lips.
I smiled. Okay, what’s next?
What? Kara said, observing the people eating and returned her eyes to mine.
For the third wish…what should I wish for?
Well, you wished us invisible, so you have to use the third wish to make us, you know, visible again.
What if we just remained invisible.
No way.
I mean think about it; we could go anywhere. See anything.
It’s either ending the war in Yemen or making us visible again, which is it gonna be, dude?
Don’t make me choose. Kara slammed her fists on her hips.
Visible or end the war.
Well, we wished for food, right?
And your point?
Well, they’re not starving anymore.
Good point.
So. Kara shrugged. Do it.
Fine, I said. I closed my eyes and rubbed the crystal ball
Make us visible again.
Now, each person gets three wishes. Right?
I nodded.
Give it here.
I reached.
Kara rubbed the crystal ball. I wish is invisible again.
But I thought…
Shut up, and kiss me.

By Coffee82

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