Love Her

Dance like no one’s watching,

Pay attention like no one’s missing your every move.

Love her as if somebody misses you.

Hate like nobody loves you.

Scream like no one hears you.

Whisper so people can hear you.

Speak slowly like no one can understand you.

Make love like it’s been forever (even if it’s just for one night).

Make her laugh as hard as you made her cry.

Silly faces, tongue sticking to the corner of your mouth.

Let her crack a crooked smile.

Take her anywhere like she’s never been anywhere.

Show her off like you’ve never been with a beautiful woman before.

Kiss her sun-kissed skin under a dream.

Rake her auburn hair through your fingers.

Make love to her like you’ve never hated anyone.

Tell her that you love her until you can’t.

(© 2020 by AC)

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