It’s Never Your Fault

It’s never your fault! I said.
I’m off my fucking medication; what did you think was going to…
Oh, no. Don’t you dare guilt trip me.
But it’s never your fault.
Oh, there you go gaslighting me again, I said.
You know what?
What now?
I hope you choke on a bag of nails or a bag of dicks or something that makes you gag. Like a porn star gags on a dick, I wish that pain in your fucking mouth.
That’s pretty specific, I said.
Stop trying to make me laugh. Dani covered a smile. It’s not supposed to end this way.
God. It’s never your fault.
My fault? Dani pointed at herself. I’m the one who kept a roof over our head. Or did you forget that the pandemic cost you your job? Dani slammed her fists on her hips.
Oh, so now this is all my fault? I can’t with you.
I’m dying, Ben.
I bet that’s my fault… Wait, what?
I’m dying.
Of what, dear?
A broken heart. Doctors say I need sex to survive. What do you say we forget about all this fighting?
I’m a jerk, I said. It’s never your fault.


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