There’s Blood…Everywhere – Chapter 1 – Wattpad (updated)

"There's blood everywhere," I say, doubling over as Pepsi and warm stomach fluid hit the ground like a blanket slapping the floor

“There’s blood everywhere,” I say, doubling over as Pepsi and warm stomach fluid hit the ground like a blanket slapping the floor. Margo and I had been on a weeklong robbing spree. We started robbing banks to pay off college loans. It’s not like we didn’t try it the good honest Christian girl way because we did. It just didn’t work, not for us. We needed cash and fast. I wasn’t going to wait twenty years to pay off my student loans.

“Wait, slow down,” Margo says, gesturing. “What are you talking about?”

“There… there’s blood…in the gas station…everywhere—”

“You went to pay?” Margo says.

“—and the clerk is fuckin’ dead as fuck!” I’d never seen a dead body, and this sure wasn’t the way I wanted to see one, not like this, not now. Margo and I were close to paying off our debt, and now this happened. Part of me wanted to get in the car and drive away as if we’d hadn’t seen what we saw. But, it’s not the way I was raised. I was raised to look out for the less fortunate, and help those in need of help.

“Have you taken your meds…?” Sure, I took Prozac and other shit, but this had nothing to do with my medication, not this time. And even though Margo blows off my social-emotional issues, they’re real. But they’re not so real that I’d make up a dead fucking body covered in blood. I’d lied about sleeping with men I had no chance with or going out with girls that were too cool for me.

“Just go look for yourself!” I pointed (but didn’t look) in the general direction of the door.

“Better not be a joke. We don’t have time for this shit,” Margo says, sliding her hand down the small of her back for her pistol.

“See it?” I shout, crotched behind the car.

“Kinda hard to miss the blood and dead body.”

“What should we do?” I shout.

“Um…call the cops,” Margo says as if it were the best idea.

“Look, I know that’s the right thing to do, but we haven’t been doing what’s right for a long time,” I say. “Besides, they’ll blame us for this shit! We’ll have to prove we didn’t do this.”

“Relax,” Margo says, “we’ll just…”

“Leave like we saw nothin’, and we know nothin’!” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. This wasn’t like me, or worse yet, maybe it was like me to be callous.

“Do you ever think of anyone other than yourself?”

“Fine,” I say, handing Margo the phone. “Call the cops.”

Margo crinkles her eyes. “Get in the fuckin’ car.”

“Help!” someone inside the store says.

“He’s not dead,” Margo says.

“It’s none of our business.”

“Get in here,” Margo says, waving me inside.

“Sir,” I say, shaking his body, “what happened?”

“Thieves,” he said in a low tone for his baritone tenor.

“It’s too much blood for one person, who else is here?” I ask.

“My wife,” the man says, raising his hand to its full shaky range.

“Take the gun,” she told me.

I held it to my face.

Margo rolled her eyes. “See someone….pull the fucking trigger.”

“Don’t patronize…”

“Just go!”

I crept the distance to the garage and back. “There’s no one here,” I say, releasing the tension in my stomach.

The man crawled to a sitting position, writhing. “This must have been her idea.”

“You’re not sayin’ your wife set you up?” I ask, folding my arms across my chest.

“That’s exactly what I’m sayin’.”

Source: There’s Blood…Everywhere – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

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