Death & Student Debt

My head feels like crushed rocks, I said, holding my head in my hands.
Complain, Chrissy said. Complain. Com…
You know what? Fuck you, dude! I said. You don’t know what it’s like to lose anyone, I said before I remembered she’d lost her father last year. Look, I shouldn’t have…
No–Chrissy waved–tell me how you really feel.
A smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. It’s just that Granddad was so young. You know?
Tell you what. We just need some fuck you money.
Excuse me? I said.
Chrissy loaded her Smith & Wesson fit it in the small of her back.
We need money.
What does that have to do with our pity party?
We need some fuck you money, so we can do what we want when we want.
So, we’re going to rob a bank?
No, that would be silly.
I wiped the sweat from my brow.
I – as in me – am going to rob the bank. You’re going to sit in the car.
Like a getaway driver type thing?
If you want to call it that, fine, Chrissy said.
This wasn’t like Chrissy. She was a fucking introvert, but so was I, so where was all this coming from? I was too afraid to ask and too turned on to not go along with it.
Ready? Chrissy threw me the car keys before I had a chance to respond.
I fished air before they settled in my fingers.
Stop being so nervous, Chrissy said. You’re going to make me nervous.
I can’t tell whether I want to fuck you or wrestle the gun from you.
You’ll do neither, at least not until we get some money.
Whatever’s gotten into you, I think I like it.
I’m sick of paying student loans and credit cards from being irresponsible and buying shit that I don’t need.
I swallowed hard, eyes fixed on her low-cut top.
Eyes. Chrissy snapped her fingers. Eyes up here. On me.
I blew out my lips. How do we get away with all this?
Let me worry about that part, dude.
We followed curves rounded with forest trees on either side.
And there’s no talking you out of it? I said.
No one’s getting hurt, Chrissy said. Trust me.
Right, I said. Trust you.
Park right there, Chrissy said.
Be careful, I said before she slammed the door.
She returned to give me a kiss. Don’t leave.
Don’t get killed! I said.
My heart thumped my chest, and my fingers turned cold to the touch. OMG! I thought. A patrol cop was stuck at a traffic light in front of the bank. Please change light. Please change.
I glanced over my shoulder, and Chrissy jogged to the car with a backpack. But Chrissy was wearing leggings and running shoes, so it didn’t look suspicious.
I glanced over to the cops and waved.
Our tuition is paid for, dude. We can go any fucking where we want to go. We’d better start by getting the hell out of here.

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