We’re Just Friends

“What?” I said, waving my arms. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”
Margo threw her middle finger in my face. “All I could hear is Erica talk about how much you love her and how I was just a piece of ass, and…”
“But it’s not true. I swear it!” I said. “What else did she tell you?” I stroked my chin.
“Gonna say anything about my hair?” Margo said. “I cut it just…”
“It’s shorter than it’s been.”
“And my skin is golden-brown from the sun. Where’s your head at?”
“Well, you carry romance in the palm of your hand.”
“Should I put the brakes on us?”
I reached across the seat and stroked her shoulder.
She let out a sigh and eased the tension in her neck. “You know what,” Margo said. “Let’s just forget about all of this. I am sure you had your reasons and…”
“The ring was for you, not Erica. I had Erica come to help me pick one out for you.”
Margo threw her hand to her mouth. “You mean…”
“We’re not sleeping together. Erica is a friend. How many times do I have to get this through to you?”
“So, why does she say she loves you?”
“We’ve been friends since the third grade.”

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