There’s Blood…Everywhere – Main Characters – Wattpad



Margo, 23, traded her college degree for a life of crime. She told herself one more robbery and then, I’m done. But with her father dying of cancer, Margo felt justified in robbing banks to pay for his treatment. And so far, so good. It was going well until she stopped for gas, and discovered a victim of a violent robbery, only this time, she wasn’t the thief. Does she leave as if she saw nothing or help the victim?



Becca, 22, Margo’s college roommate, had been poor her entire life, but with Margo, she got to experience the more beautiful things in life like five-Star hotels and restaurants to die for; it didn’t take long for Becca to join in Margo’s crime spree. Becca refused to go back to being poor. Becca sent her mother money, and for the first time, her parents didn’t have to live on government assistance. Becca knew fast cash had its limitations, and when she finds out those limits include murder, will getting fast cash change her mind?

Source: There’s Blood…Everywhere – Main Characters – Wattpad

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