Nude (Mom Was Right)

I’m a virgin, she said.
You’re a goddamn liar, I said.
No, really. I am.
And you expect me to believe that?
Well, it’s the truth, she said. Want to see?
See what? You’re making me nervous.
Well, if we … you know … have sex, and I bleed, then I wasn’t lying.
I raised a brow. And if you don’t bleed?
Well, you’ll know I’m a damn liar, she said. Now, go on and strip nude. She motioned.
Is this some kind of…
Just do it. She rolled her eyes.
Done, I said, standing before her nude.
Well, don’t you look lovely there, buddy.
Okay, so it’s your turn.
You didn’t really think I was going to have sex with you, did you?
I’m a good Christian girl, and I wanted to see if Mom was right.
Right about what?
A pussy makes a man do anything, she said. Glad I have one. Now, get dressed. On second thought–she raised a brow–get on the bed. She stripped nude.


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