Reversing A Death Sentence – Copyright – Wattpad

(Author’s note: All characters are fictitious, and any resemblances are purely coincidental. Please don’t copy, rewrite, or use the characters or any part of this story without the author’s written consent.)

 After the murder of Brent's father, his mother committed suicide

After the murder of Brent’s father, his mother committed suicide. A black family adopted Brent, and having come from a racist home, he saturated his being in African-American pop/culture.

Knowing the racial disparities in the criminal justice system, Brent gave white offenders stiffer sentences than black defendants.

Brent’s foster mother, Bella, taught him to love what’s right and hold a check on justice with empathy. Bella taught Brent the death penalty wasn’t justice; it was just us reigning wrath on imperfect men.

After a stray bullet killed Bella in a drive-by shooting, Brent changed his mind on the death penalty and believed, like Bella, it was just us, just Brent giving out the wrath he wanted for his father, mother, and foster mother.

Brent forgot to weigh empathy with justice. He’s never lost a case in ten years.

But now that Brent needs mercy will a judge weigh empathy with justice?

(© 2020 AC)

Source: Reversing A Death Sentence – Copyright – Wattpad

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