Keeping It?

It’s for the best, I said.
But that’s not what you said last night.
Yeah. I wanted to fuck you.
You’re such an asshole.
If you say so.
You don’t really mean that, do you? Shannon said.
Don’t flatter yourself.
I’m the best you ever had. Shannon pushed her finger in my face. You said so yourself.
I was lying.
Was not…
Was too.
Shannon raked her fingers through her hair. How many times do I have to apologize for having the abortion?
You didn’t even ask me.
Shouldn’t have to.
Yes, you should have to ask me. You should have told me something.
I guess I could have, you know, run it by you.
Are you women all the same?
Do I look like just any woman?

No, Shannon said. I’m drop-dead gorgeous.
I covered a smile. It’s not going to work this time, I said.
I’m so … so gorgeous. She tickled me. And I’m so pregnant again.
No, way?
Yes, way.
Keeping it this time?
I am.
I fucking love you.

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