Bad First Date

“But we can’t just leave!” I said. “We killed him.”
“Speak for yourself,” Amber said. “I wasn’t driving.”
“You’re an accessory,” I argued.
“Woah… Wait, maybe you’re right,” Amber said. “What should we do?”
“We got to take his body and dump it somewhere.”
“I am not touching a dead body.” Amber crossed her arms and shook her head.
“The faster we get this over, the better.”
Amber sighed. “Fine.” She pushed the door open. “Well?” Amber looked back. “Get out of the car.”
“I like it when you’re pissed,” I said. “You look so…”
“Look, are we going to do this or not?”
I exited the Jeep. “God. This guy is heavy.”
“You’re the one who hit the guy. Poor guy was walking across the street, and you hit…”
“Would you stop reminding me? I feel bad enough.”
“I want to make sure we’re clear who’s at fault here.”
I blew out my lips and slammed the trunk. “Done.” I wiped my hands on my dirty jeans.
“We’re we going to dump his body?” Amber said. “And how do you intend on getting away with this?”
“Because I can count on you not saying anything.” I smiled.
Amber rested her hands on her hips. “And how do you know I won’t say anything?”
“Because I’m going to kill you.” I stood in a firing position and shot Amber. “I’m wearing a bulletproof vest, you idiot.” Amber smacks the gun out of my hands. “I’m an undercover cop, and you’re in big trouble, buddy.”


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