Change of Plans

 I guess we’re just meant to be.

Woah… that’s a bridge too far, even for you. I raised a sly brow. What’s up?

Can’t a girl be happy?

Well, I didn’t mean anything by…

I should be so lucky as to kick your ass to the curb?

But you won’t.

Because I can’t.

Wait. What?

First, I love you, and it’s like this…

Don’t tell me you’re pregnant.

Would you relax? We used protection.

I wiped my forehead and let out a sigh I didn’t know existed.

But it broke. And I am, in fact, pregnant.

I knew it.

Don’t want it?

I do. I nodded. 

Don’t lie to me.

I wanted to go to college first and…

Too bad. Jenna cupped my cheeks and kissed me. You can do both. You can go to college and be a daddy.

A daddy. I dropped my head. I mean, sure, why not.

Hannah hugged me. I knew you’d understand.

I whispered I love you as though I meant it. 

(© 2021 AC)

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