A Marriage Of Convenience

“I never, ever want to hear you say that again.”
“But it’s true.”
“It’s not like you haven’t all but said it.”
“That’s for me to decide.”
“Well, you’d better tell him, or I will. And. I don’t think he’ll want to hear it from me.”
“Just give me a little more…”
“No more time. You said this last month.” I waved my arms. “I’m done giving you time.”
“But it’s going to kill him.”
“Well, you should have thought about that before we had sex.”
Kara stood in front of me, gripping my shoulders. “No, I mean, I want to be with you. I just don’t want to hurt Dan.”
“Look, I understand, but what’s the deal?” I took a step back.
“It’s like this…”
“Don’t tell me he’s the father, not after all of this.”
“Dan is gay. It was a marriage of convenience. His parents hate gay folks.”
“So…” I stroked my stubble. “You married to prove to his family that he’s straight?”
Kara nodded and scratched the back of her neck.
“Dan has never been able to finish the job. Ever, and his parents are going to find out that he’s still gay.”
“Ben, they think the baby is his.”
“But it’s not…”
“Of course it’s not his.”
“What are we going to do?”
“We have to kill him.”
“Woah.” I motioned. “No, that’s a bridge too far even for me.”
“It’s the only way.”
I sucked in a deep breath and blew out a sharp sigh. “Fine.”
“We gotta make it look like an accident.”
“By me killing him.”
“And making it look like you killed him and then killed yourself.”
Kara stood in a firing position and shot me.


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