Dusting Off Dreams – A Letter & Love – Wattpad

I dragged my finger across a coffee-stained page.
I’d spell it out by tracing over your letter to see if your intentions reflect mine.
I’m torched with everything that had to do with you.
I thought you’d run out of things to say, but it starts all over again, tracing back to the fact that you want me more than I ever wanted you. A coincidence that you’d have her smile.
I think she noticed that I was afraid until today burns this away, the sky will never hold a candle to the blaze of passion in your eyes.
I’d wanted the world to swallow me whole, but I’ll keep my feet straight on the ground until then.
I couldn’t decide whether I wanted your body or your heart. I knew I couldn’t have both, or this would turn into something more than we’re both ready for: love.

Source: Dusting Off Dreams – A Letter & Love – Wattpad

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