It’s Only Permanent

The hazel of her eyes collided with something inside; what I don’t know; what I never will. 

The lips she left prints of hers saturated my mouth with coke and rum.

I’d traced back through my memories to remember last night, but I guess it’s all perspective we couldn’t touch the heat under bedsheets.

The song of hers and mine blared through a calm September sky.

Now, I’m standing in a church with family and friends and bells, and I said I do before I thought to say let me sleep on it. And I can’t believe this is my life.

I didn’t think to take it back.

She squeezed my hand.  

The pastor told her to repeat his words, but she didn’t say yes, and my stomach tightened.

She said, hell, yes, and I can’t believe this is my life. 

(© 2020 by AC)

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