Just Kiss Her

We’re at a park; near the tennis courts. The moon hung above the sky, sparkling the highlights of her sunburned skin. The rain had begun to fall, making its way from her hair, spreading her mascara. I’d wanted to kiss her. Just fucking kiss her. But the moon hung above the sky, that’s when she had to be home. I’d wanted to kiss her cherry red lips. I’d dreamed of it.
I’d wanted it. And here it is right here for the taking.
I grabbed a fistful of her shirt, pulling her closer.
Now, I can smell her mint breath.
Dude, we’re just friends and shit. I mean, I’m flattered and all.
Just friends?
I thought you were gay or some shit.
Me? Gay?
I pressed my lips against hers.
So we’ve got a manly man on our hands.
Like it?
Love it.
Now you know I’m not gay.
Don’t push it, buddy.

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(© 2020 Andrew Cyr)

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