The Cities Burn

I glance into the abyss that is this world, on fire.

The cities burn; thick smoke hovers over burning buildings,

Rising skyward.

Buildings, they burn.

And people without took much from stores they couldn’t afford to shop at.

And the people with much can’t understand it.

Burning their own cities?

The flames on five o’clock news, replay the building frame folding heaps of wood for the fire, burning. It still burns even when there’s nothing left to burn, the fire still burns.

The police crack heads of people of color, you say nothing.

They say nothing.

The police shove the middle class, they raise an eyebrow.

The police crack the heads of the rich, they scream reform.

The cities burn because talking, it never works.

Cities burning; the flames they rise.

Rich people getting shoved the five o’clock news changes minds

The cities unrest, unrests the powerful.

When business burns, we gotta do something, they say because the cities are on fire.

(© 2020 by Andrew Cyr)

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