Trump Destroys Health Care, Blames Democrats

After Donald Trump all but destroyed the Affordable Care Act, he now urges his supporters to blame Democrats for the rising increase in premiums, which he caused. Donald Trump eliminated the individual mandate provision of the health care overhaul, thus causing a spike in health care premiums. Now, insurance companies can get back to robbing people blind and giving them shoddy insurance plans that are not worth the paper on which they are written.

Since taking office, Trump found ways to chip away at the health care law. And little by little without much pushback, the law is being replaced (illegally) with substandard plans. These health care plans give people comfort in paying for horrible plans only to realize once sick, these plans cover nothing.

The people, who supported Trump the most, have a great deal to lose with his war on health care, especially the rural areas.

Because poverty rates in farm communities are higher than in cities, the cost of Reagan’s unfunded mandate fell hardest on rural hospitals. In addition, the increasingly capital-intensive nature of high-tech medicine favored big hospitals benefiting from economies of scale. Over time, that double whammy increased the fragility of hospitals in America’s small towns until, according to The National Rural Health Association, more than 700 rural hospitals were at risk of going out of business.

The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion was intended not just to provide more humane treatment for the uninsured, but to ensure that the hospitals serving the working poor would remain viable. North of the Tennessee border, Kentucky’s former Democratic governor enthusiastically embraced and supported the expansion, providing insurance to hundreds of thousands of people, mostly in rural areas. To the south, in Tennessee, the Republicans in charge abandoned Reagan’s humanity in favor of small-government ideology. They refused billions in federal aid, leaving the welfare of their constituents to market forces that are, literally, amoral.


The results, only a few years later, are dramatic. Before the ACA, the uninsured rate on Kentucky’s side of the border was 16 percent; Tennessee’s was 15 percent. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, after the ACA Kentucky’s rate has dropped to 7 percent, while Tennessee’s has remained high, at 13 percent. (The national average is 10 percent.). Via The Hill publication.


The fly-over states that conservatives used to claim Democrats lacked an understanding of the struggles of middle America now face a bigger threat than they did when Obama was president. A lack of healthcare is not what Trump promised his base.

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